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Summer is right around the corner, which means everyone will be ready to gather outside again soon. To make your backyard the absolute best place for you, your friends, and your family to spend time this summer, you need outdoor countertops that look the part and get the job done.

The best stones for outdoor countertops that we stock here at GranitePro include granite, marble, and soapstone. You might be surprised to note that quartz countertops are actually not suited for outdoor installation—and that’s because of their resin content. Those resins are sensitive to direct sunlight, so your quartz countertop is susceptible to discoloration and fading if you install it outdoors. So for that reason, we recommend that quartz stays inside.

We want your outdoor countertops to last just as long as they would inside, which is why we wrote this article. We’re here to tell you about granite, marble, and soapstone as they relate to outdoor installation, so you can make a choice that makes sense for your home.


You might already know that granite countertops are durable, but you’d be surprised by just how durable they are. They have the power to withstand almost everything, and that makes them the perfect candidate for outdoor installation.

As long as you keep your granite slab sealed, you can count on its resilience and durability to last for years—even generations. What’s great about this stone is that, when it’s sealed, it’s resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. When it needs a good scrub down, all you need to do is use simple soap and water.

Not only that, but granite also goes above and beyond when it comes to looks. There’s truly something for everyone with this stone, whether you prefer a solid color or bold patterns.


If you don’t believe marble can be used as an outdoor material, you are among the majority. A lot of people think that marble can only be used inside because it’s somewhat of a delicate, “handle with care” type of natural stone. But while it’s true that it requires more maintenance than granite and soapstone, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for your backyard haven.

What’s cool about marble is that it ages naturally in the presence of rain, snow, and other elements it might encounter. Such liquid creates etch marks on marble’s surface, which allows the stone to gain a rustic appearance that sets it apart from everything else. Your marble slab will truly be unlike any other slab in the entire world.

To keep your marble tough for use outside, we recommend using a honed finish instead of a polished one—and staying away from acidic substances and harsh cleaners.


Soapstone is one of our favorite outdoor countertops because it’s practically made for this type of installation. This material is essentially impermeable, no matter what you might spill, and it won’t blink an eye at hot pots and pans. It’s also not affected by shifts in temperature that might weaken other stones—instead it warms up slowly and holds onto that heat for a long time. It’s also tough against rain, snow, and salt.

This type of countertop is easy to take care of—you can even wash it down by using your garden hose. The surface won’t soak up anything from the environment, which means that the countertop has the ability to last for an extremely long time.

Soapstone is typically found in dark colors and comes with a rustic Old World look. This type of aesthetic blends with all types of outdoor decor, whether you’re utilizing stainless steel or black appliances or something completely different.

Your Slice of Paradise

At GranitePro, we want to make sure that your backyard is the best it can possibly be. To make sure your summer goes off without a hitch, you need an outdoor countertop that gets the job done and looks the part at the same time. We’d be glad to make that happen for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help figuring out the best stones for outdoor countertops in your backyard.