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Your kitchen countertops are often the first features visitors to your home notice, whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner or having friends over for evening cocktails. An updated kitchen not only makes entertaining more enjoyable, but it affects how well your kitchen functions for the entire family, too.

If you’re considering making a simple upgrade to your home, the countertops in your kitchen and bath are great places to start for several reasons. Keep these factors in mind as you shop for the countertops of your dreams.

The Right Kitchen Countertops in Manchester May Increase Your Home’s Value

Homebuyers love updated kitchens and baths. Fortunately, countertops are easy and affordable upgrades. And they can completely transform the appearance of your space. Professional installation is a must, however. New kitchen countertops that are poorly installed will hurt your home’s resale value instead of helping it. Consequently, this is true even if you’ve purchased top-of-line granite or quartz. 

If resale value is your top priority, consider the following countertop materials:

  • Natural stone such as soapstone
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Concrete

These countertops may cost a bit more to purchase and install, but they’ll give you a bigger return on your investment than solid surface countertops or countertops made from reclaimed wood or butcher block. These countertop surfaces can easily last the lifetime of your home with proper care and maintenance. Subsequently, they’re a more sustainable choice than composite countertops that require manufacture. 

Some Kitchen Countertops Are Easier to Maintain Than Others

While each of these countertop materials is durable and attractive, some are easier to maintain than others. Marble and soapstone, for instance, are softer stones. As a result, they may scratch or dent more easily than quartz or granite. They may also require the use of sealants to keep them stain-resistant and non-porous. These choices require more upkeep. However, they’ll maintain their attractive appearance for years with the right care and maintenance. 

Speak with a design consultant before deciding which bath and kitchen countertops are best for the way your family lives. 

Your New Kitchen Countertops Should Complement your Kitchen Design

Due to the immense availability of countertop materials, homeowners often feel overwhelmed when shopping for kitchen and bath upgrades. Your new countertops should complement the design of your space and add function, too. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to consult with a design expert regarding which options are best for you. Contract with a countertop fabricator who’s willing to visit your home and provide a free consultation if you need help choosing the best kitchen countertops. 

Your Choice of Kitchen Countertops in Manchester Is Limited Only by Your Imagination

At GranitePro, your choice of kitchen countertops in Maryland is nearly limitless. From soapstone countertops and sinks to those smooth expanses of beautifully patterned granite, your dream kitchen is waiting. Choose from the very latest designs in quartz and the elegance of marble when you trust GranitePro. We’re happy to help you design and install your newly updated countertops. 

For two generations, GranitePro has served Baltimore, Maryland and its surrounding areas, including Eldersburg and Manchester. We provide free in-home consultations to help you find countertop choices that best fit your lifestyle. 

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