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Best Countertops in Brunswick

The best place for countertops in Brunswick, MD, is undoubtedly GranitePro. We take pride in our stone materials, and it’s our promise that your countertops will be of the highest quality.

Brunswick stone countertops bought elsewhere simply don’t measure up. GranitePro has what it takes to remodel your kitchen and turn it into not only a functional place, but a beautiful one too.

The Best Countertop for You

Every single one of our clients is different, and they have different factors to consider as they choose a countertop. We know that you have to keep in mind your budget, lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and kitchen size, and we’re here to help you find the best countertop material that suits your parameters.

Brunswick stone countertops are the heart of each and every home. We want you to love what you see—and stone materials have a special way of helping you see the kitchen in a brand new, positive light.

Choosing Granite

Brunswick granite countertops are some of the best slabs you’ll find. It’s well loved because it’s durable, long lasting, and beautiful beyond measure. Since there are so many patterns and colorations to choose from, there’s no shortage of options—even for people with extremely varied tastes.

Granite is a natural stone that’s formed under the earth’s surface in conditions that include intense heat and pressure. Because of this, it works wonderfully in a kitchen, taking no issue with high temperatures. You don’t have to worry about this stone scorching or melting, but using a hot pad to stay is always a safe choice.

As for cleaning, it’s a breeze. While there are useful granite cleaners out there, you don’t necessarily need them for everyday tidying. For that, just use warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. That’s all granite really calls for.

Choosing Quartz

Brunswick quartz countertops are for those who enjoy the aesthetics of natural stone but don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with its maintenance. Natural stones like granite and marble require regular sealing because they’re naturally porous, but quartz doesn’t. This material is also inherently hygienic thanks to its nonporous nature, and stain resistant too.

Quartz comes in all sorts of designs, colorations, and patterns. As stated, you’ll often find slabs that mirror the look of natural stone—and they’re so convincing that only a trained professional will be able to tell the difference.

But one thing to note is that quartz countertops should never be installed outside. They work great for indoor kitchens, but they don’t like being in direct sunlight, as that can make their color start to fade.

The Brunswick Process

From start to finish, we take care of everything regarding your countertops at GranitePro. We maintain communication from the beginning to the end, and we promise you won’t have to do any heavy lifting.

We begin by removing your old countertops from the kitchen and properly disposing of them, careful not to disturb or damage any elements of your home. From there, we use a digital laser templating technique to measure your kitchen and create a visual layout that allows you to see exactly how your new countertop will look in your space. After we take measurements and get you to sign off on going forward, we begin the fabrication process.

We use the most updated, premier technology in order to fabricate our countertop slabs and create something you’ll love for many years to come. After the fabrication stage, our installers will come to your home and fit your new countertop where the old one had once been. Before they leave, they’ll clean the countertops and do an inspection to make sure everything is in top shape.

GranitePro in Brunswick

Brunswick stone countertops are our passion at GranitePro, and we’d love to incorporate one of them into your home. If you’re ready to start your countertop remodel, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.