Finding the Best Countertops Near You

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Finding the Best Countertops Near You

When you’re looking for new countertops, you want the best you can get. After all, countertops can often be one of the most expensive items in a kitchen or bathroom, so you want to make sure you’re investing well—and actually getting the quality product you’re promised. So you want to do your research and find the best countertop company you can.

We’ve put together a list of what to look for in a countertop company based on our experiences and expectations in the market so that you know exactly what to look for.

What Makes a Good Countertop Company

Finding a countertop company is not as simple as searching “countertop fabricator near me.” You want to do research on your contractor, and there are a few benchmarks you’ll be checking.

For one, you want a company with experience and a streak of good work. Look at reviews online and ask your friends and family for recommendations and see which countertop fabricators near you are the most tried-and-true.

You also need a contractor that actually serves your area. Finding kitchen countertops near you can be difficult, depending on your area, but luckily most contractors serve large areas. Finding stone fabricators near you and kitchen countertops for your home is as simple as searching “fabricators near me.”

GranitePro, for example, has five stars across numerous platforms and hundreds of reviews. We have a long streak of well-done and on-time work that satisfies customers. We serve Maryland and Pennsylvania, so you can’t go wrong with us if you’re in the area!

Get Fabricators Who Sell What You Want

Depending on the kinds of countertops you want, you may need to be specific about the fabricator you choose. Certain contractors only carry—or do better with—certain materials and styles. For example, if you want marble countertops, you must ensure the fabricators you’re searching for have marble countertops.

GranitePro carries granite, marble, quartz, and soapstone countertops, so we can certainly show you those countertops—but if you want something else, sadly we can’t do much for you. You want a kitchen fabricator near you who carries the countertop types you want.

Look for Efficiency in Cost and Time

Searching “kitchen countertops near me” can return a huge amount of search results, and you might even have a number of options that all look great on paper: they have good reviews, serve your area, and have what you want. So how do you whittle down further?

Look for the most efficient kitchen fabricators. A countertop installation is going to take your kitchen out of commission until the job is done, so you don’t want a fabricator who’s going to take weeks—even if the countertops look amazing afterward. You also want a fabricator who can stay within—or even below—budget because your money is valuable! With GranitePro we offer a one-day countertop replacement service that includes countertop removal and disposal, a new sink, faucet and plumbing reconnection, allowing you to use your kitchen the following day.

Get Quality and Get Guarantees

Finally, you want a kitchen fabricator who will get you quality stone and guarantee its quality for you. You don’t want to take risks, and a service guarantee can help reduce unnecessary risks with damage and unforeseen mistakes.

GranitePro Remodeling offers a ten-year warranty on all our residential countertop installations because we believe in reducing client stress. Check out our website for a free consultation and estimate for your countertop jobs!