From 2022 fashion trends to home design, shades of brown are having a moment.
For the past decade or more, countertops went through a cooling off stage with taupe, gray and white leading the way in many new kitchen designs. However, in 2022, home design trends shifted to warmer tones like brown, beige and rust.
Paint industry leader, Dunn-Edwards, recently named its autumnal Art & Craft as the 2022 Color of the Year. And brown is resurging once again as a favorite amongst interior designers for kitchen surfaces.
What makes brown such a timeless choice for countertops? And, how can we update our home design aesthetic without looking like a 1970’s throwback?

Brown Is Anything but Boring

Brown. Dull? Never!
Brown is a neutral color that goes with everything, and comes in a vast variety of shades. When you pair brown stone counters with the right cabinets and furnishings, the result can be an elevated warmth you can’t get from a white or a gray.
For a modern kitchen remodel, choose from a range of stone materials that are softer white or cream with brown veins, flecks and ribbons to incorporate a touch of warmth.
Brown stone countertops can be:
  • Contemporary, without being cold. A copper-colored countertop against crisp, white cabinet creates a modern look.
  • Rustic & earthy. Brown, woodsy tones in your kitchen counters can bring the great outdoors in—connecting your home to nature. Incorporating warm metals and plants transforms any space to a natural escape.
  • Rich & luxurious. Dark oak- or chestnut-colored counters will boldly lend a hint of extravagance to any kitchen or bathroom.
  • Sophisticated & cozy. With chocolate counters and a cup of hot cocoa, your kitchen can feel like an intimate space to snuggle up with your favorite cookbook.
  • Toasty & inviting. A cinnamon-brown or caramel island will offer a festive centerpiece where family and friends can gather.

Popular Types of Brown Stone

There is a glorious array of browns to be found in high-end natural stone—ranging from solid tans to dark chocolate to stones streaked with ribbons of gold.
Some of the favorite natural stones for brown countertops include:
  • Granite. Granite has been the longtime gold standard of countertops, due to its elegant style, resistance to damage, and range of colors, including browns such as Coffee Brown, Macadamia, and Chocolate Bordeaux,
  • Fantasy Brown. Fantasy Brown is a light-colored stone with brown veining rippling throughout the surface. It’s technically a combo of marble and quartzite, making it an extremely durable choice.
  • Calacatta Laza Quartz is a white engineered stone with gorgeous brown veining to create a lavish marble look.
  • Chakra Beige Quartz weaves contrasting tones of creams and grays with rusty highlights—an ideal complement for natural wood cabinets.
  • Other popular quartz selections:
    • Royal Teak (tan and chocolate)
    • Statuario Gold (golden-brown veining)
    • Calacatta Bali (taupe and brown veining)
    • Clarino (golden-tone veining)
    • Allegro (Long, rippling veins of gold)

Design Tips to Make Brown Its Best

When it comes to making the most of the brown in your countertop colors, consider the following:
  • Utilize light. If you have a lot of natural light in your kitchen, you can get away with having solid, dark brown countertops. If not, consider a lighter color with warm accents in the countertop surface and your wall paint or backsplash to brighten the space.
  • Tone down the brown. Don’t go with brown for everything. Create dynamic contrasts by layering a variety of tones and textures, be it with your cabinets, wallpaper, metals, or upholstery choices.
  • Decorative tie-ins. Choose décor accessories that bring out the browns in your counters—canisters, dish towels, or a wooden salad bowl, purposefully placed.
  • Compliment your furniture. The stain of your wooden dining room table will be a big factor when selecting the tone of brown in your countertops.

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