When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, one tends to focus on the parts of the process that involve installing new things. And that is understandable. Whether you are replacing your countertops as part of a home improvement and beautification project or because your old ones are structurally unsound, selecting new countertops is the fun, creative part of the process. In reality, of course, there is a lot of work to be done before you can install your new countertops. And one of the perks of working with a fully-licensed, experienced countertop installation company like GranitePro, is that we also offer a one-stop-shop experience that includes countertop removal and disposal services. Interested in replacing your countertops? Would just like to know more about countertop removal and disposal services in Carroll Co, MD? Then look no further than GranitePro.

Countertop Removal and Disposal Services

Depending upon the materials of your current countertops, removing them yourself may be an option. However, if you do not have extensive experience in properly removing old countertops you may end up damaging the cabinets or plumbing below. It will also mean paying to rent a vehicle large enough to remove your countertops and taking them to a recycling or waste facility.

This is where GranitePro’s countertop removal and disposal services come into play. When you enlist GranitePro to install your new countertops, a part of that process is countertop removal and disposal services. In Carroll County, MD, this is of particular importance. Not all countertop removal and disposal services were created equal. At GranitePro, our countertop removal service includes:

  • Disconnection of Existing Plumbing
  • Professional Removal of Existing Countertops
  • Proper Take Away and Countertop Disposal 

GranitePro’s One-Stop-Shop

Remember that our countertop removal and disposal services are only part of a larger package. We are second-generation experts in custom-designing solutions for your kitchen, your lifestyle, and your pocketbook. We have a long history of putting our client’s projects over our profits. Additional services we offer include:

Best of all, specialize in same-day installation, which makes us the top choice in Carroll Co, MD, for convenience!

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If you are looking for the highest quality granite, quartz, or marble countertops, or are just interested in countertop removal and disposal services in Carroll Co, MD, call the countertop professionals at GranitePro. Our experienced countertop technicians are standing by. Contact us online today using our convenient form, or call us at 410.875.7579. You’ll be glad you did.

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