Amazing Countertops in Gettysburg, PA

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Amazing Countertops in Gettysburg, PA

In your home, whether you live in Gettysburg, PA, or somewhere else in our great state of Pennsylvania, the kitchen is probably the room that sees the most activity. It’s used for so much—for cooking, eating, gathering after a long day of work and school, and hosting friends. It should be a place where you feel comfortable, a place that’s beautiful and homey all at once.

Choosing a Look for Your Kitchen

It’s important to note that there are plenty of things that set Gettysburg quartz countertops apart from Gettysburg granite countertops—but these are our two most popular stones for a reason. Granite is a natural stone and quartz is an engineered stone, but both selections bring plenty of quality assets to a kitchen in terms of beauty, durability, and function.

It comes down to making a choice, and that choice isn’t always easy. We can tell you much more about Gettysburg granite countertops and Gettysburg quartz countertops in person, but for a quick rundown, check out this guide:

Granite countertops

  • natural
  • highly durable
  • heat resistant
  • scratch resistant
  • can be installed outdoors
  • must be sealed (porous stone)

Quartz countertops

  • engineered stone
  • very durable
  • heat resistant (though not to the degree of granite)
  • scratch resistant
    should NOT be installed outdoors (may fade in direct sunlight)
  • do not need sealant (non-porous stone)

The great thing about both granite and quartz countertops is the fact that they both come in a variety of patterns, colorations, and designs. No matter the aesthetic of your kitchen, you’re bound to find a slab of granite or quartz that suits your fancy.

For most, the final decision comes down to how much maintenance you’re willing to do. While it’s true that granite doesn’t require exponentially more maintenance than quartz, some people are simply not interested in sealing their surfaces. If that sounds like you, then quartz might be your best bet.

If you still can’t quite decide which countertop material is better for your home, don’t sweat it. Our skilled team here at GranitePro would be glad to help you make the choice—after all, it’s an important one.

Leaning Toward Granite?

We must admit that granite is one of our favorite materials, and there are plenty of benefits that come along with choosing this stone. Here are a few of them:

It’s affordable. While granite isn’t the cheapest option on the market, you’ll find that slabs are affordable. And after all, it’s an investment that will pay for itself with the fact that you will most likely never need to spend money replacing it.

It’s customizable. Granite is what we do here at GranitePro. We have the skills, training, and expertise to avoid seams in your countertop and to measure, cut, fabricate, and fit your granite countertop right where you want it.

It’s unique. Being that granite is a natural stone, there are no two slabs that are exactly alike. When you invest in this stone, you’ll be the only one in the world with a countertop that looks just like yours.

Leaning Toward Quartz?

Of course, there are many great things about quartz too. We’re big fans of engineered stones, just as we’re fans of natural stone! Here are some of its advantages:

It’s nonporous. Being that quartz countertops are nonporous, they never need to be sealed, and they’re inherently hygienic without you having to make them so.

It’s unlikely to crack. Quartz is known for being more flexible than natural stone options, which means that it’s less likely to sustain cracks or chips.

It can mimic natural stone. If you love the look of natural stone but aren’t quite ready to commit to the maintenance, choose quartz. It can imitate the look of natural stone perfectly.

Choose GranitePro for the Best Countertops in Gettysburg

When you choose GranitePro, rest assured that we do it all—we’ll even remove your old countertops to make space for the new ones! Get in touch with us today at (410) 657-5167—we’re excited to start talking about your Gettysburg stone countertops.