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In the modern home, kitchens aren’t just for cooking. They are places families and friends come together to eat but also to socialize. Thus, you want your kitchen to look beautiful and give you a sense of pride. You need spacious, sturdy, and visually appealing countertops to get the most out of the time you spend in your kitchen. Our Gettysburg countertop specialists are here to provide you with the perfect new granite countertops that complement and enhance the features of your kitchen and whole home.

The Right Look for Your Kitchen

The right Gettysburg countertops for your kitchen will maximize the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Granite is a notably versatile material that provides all these things and more. The primary challenge for you lies in selecting the kind of granite that best fits your needs. One of major advantages of granite is the wide variety of colors and patterns it offers. Nearly every color scheme can be accommodated with granite. Thus, you may feel overwhelmed. However, our Gettysburg team is here to make the decision easier. Come visit our showroom and consult with our experts. We’ll walk you through our vast selection and answer any questions you may have. The result will be new kitchen counters that make you see your kitchen in a whole new light.

While surely the affordable price of granite countertops is a top feature, it’s not the only one. Granite is incredibly durable making it an excellent long-term investment for your home. Also, granite is naturally heat and stain-resistant. You’ll have the freedom to cook, serve, or eat at your granite countertops without any worry about affecting its color or condition. It is a surface upon which you know you can rely.

Our in-house countertop installation experts can measure, cut or fabricate, and fit your new granite countertop with ease in a day. Unlike quartz or marble countertops, you can avoid unsightly seams with granite. We have the expertise to give your kitchen a fresh new look that is elegant but still functional.

Transform Your Kitchen with Granite

We fabricate all our granite slabs on-site at our state-of-the-art facilities, so there’s never any doubt regarding the quality of your new Gettysburg countertops. We offer a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Each slab, even those of the same type, is one of a kind; no two pieces of granite have the same look. No matter your budget, visual style, or functional needs, we have something for everyone. Our granite counters are available in different patterns, colors, and sizes.

Granite countertops will increase the value of any home, new or renovated. As a material, its benefits are numerous. Not only is granite more affordable than marble, but it is also resistant to etching and staining. This means your granite countertop will look new even after heavy and long-time use. Also, granite now comes in more colors and patterns than ever before. Granite’s colors can range from muted earthy tones to vivid blues, greens, and reds. No matter your personal style, there’s a granite that will satisfy.

Beyond fabrication and installation, we also handle the removal of your existing counters. We clear out and dispose of your old counters properly, safely, and carefully and go to great lengths to avoid damaging your Gettysburg home.

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